The creation of the library for foreign and international criminal law and procedure was originally executed in four steps:


In agreement with the relevant colleagues of the Law faculty, the library has been in the process of reorganization since September 2003. The new section is divided into the following categories (List).

  • Criminal law
  • Criminal procedure and justice
  • International criminal law
  • (Foreign) Journals (List)

A re-evaluation of existing books was started and these books have been reorganized in line with the new section. This process of identification of existing literature is a continuing process.



Simultaneously, the existing journal collection has been updated and internationalised. This happened in agreement with the criminal law colleagues. A list of newly ordered journals as well as other foreign and international journals can be found here.- The current journals will be placed in specific shelves.- In addition, the State and University Library , wich is located directly on the campus, provides for an electronic access to various international and foreign law journals, including in the field of criminal and comparative law, and holds others in printed versions.



Letters and e-mails have been sent to other colleagues and publishers, asking for book donations. Both modes of communication were written in different languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German). The letters explained that the university is currently undergoing financial difficulties. It also introduced the project and explained what it is about. The list of countries to which letters were mailed to, include England, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and various countries in Latin America. These letters came to a positive and unexpected result. Hundreds of books were sent from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Italy, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Austria, Switzerland and Spain (see the catalogue here). This process keeps running continuously. The books are registered and included in the library.


From the above, the following steps were initiated:


Extending the same procedure used in para.4. to other colleagues from France and also from common law countries (Great Britain, Canada, USA etc.).


Notwithstanding the generous donations there still remains the task of completing thel library with the basic and fundamental books of the countries and fields indicated. The emphasis of the investments lies in the literature of the European core countries and the most important common law States (especially U.S.A.) as well as in the International and European Criminal Law.


The long term aim of this project is the establishment of a more or less complete and up to date library of foreign criminal law and criminal procedure focussing on civil and common law countries. In addition, attention will also be given to international criminal law. Related to this are also the following objectives:


  • Establishment of an attractive research location for foreign guest scientist (PhD, Post docs, Profs. etc.). For this reason, a separate room for foreign researchers was installed.
  • Positioning of the University of Göttingen as a centre for foreign and international criminal law research. In addition to the specialization in medical law and criminology.
  • Establishment of a bibliographical basis for the new specialization in foreign and international criminal law starting in winter semester 04/05. 

There is also a separate room which foreign guest researchers can use. In september 2013 the library counts with more than 14.000 volumes and more than 120 international periodicals (see catalogue).

Parallel to the establishment of this new section within the general criminal law library, a smaller library was established at the department of foreign and international criminal law. This library basically contains books from the private collection of the head of the department and can equally be used by students and researchers.

This whole project would not have been possible without the support of various persons and institutions. At first, I have to thank the law faculty of University of Göttingen, especially the library staff. All the employees of the faculty did their best. Last but not the least, we thank all the individuals and institutions who donated books. Here a list of individuals and institutions that supported the creation of the xlibrary for foreign and international criminal law and procedurex (incomplete):